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Hamas: Death Squad

The Definitive Understanding of Israel’s War with Hamas and Iran-Hezbollah

by Rabbi Shimon Apisdorf

Today, people have lots of questions including:

  • How could Hamas 'soldiers' possibly do what they did to women and children?

  • Why is Israel destroying Gaza and killing so many?

  • Why has this conflict dragged on for so long?

  • Why can’t there be peace?

  • Is Israel an Apartheid regime?

  • Does Hamas truly want to destroy all of Israel?

This paper won’t directly address all the important questions that people have, but it will address some of the most essential, core issues. After reading this paper—and I hope, also discussing it with family and friends—you will understand four critical points. With those points as a foundational context, you will be equipped to pursue more and more understanding. The four points are—

1. The ideology that drives and motivates Hamas, Iran, and Hezbollah

2. The degree of popular support that Hamas has in Gaza, and amongst Palestinians in general

3. The Hamas rationale behind using civilians as human shields

4. What actually happened on October 7, 2023, and why Israel is committed to the military, political, and operational destruction of Hamas


As a loyal offspring of the Muslim Brotherhood, and faithful Jihadi cousin to the likes of Al Qaeda, the Ayatollahs in Iran, Hezbollah, and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hamas and its millions of civilian supporters, has very unambiguous and non-negotiable goals: death to Israel, death to the Jews, religious purification of the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims, and global domination of Islam.

If the war between Israel and Hamas—and the likely war between Israel and Iran-Hezbollah—was only about a struggle for a Palestinian state, that would be good news, but it’s not. This is a war between the Jewish state of Israel and a ruthless, cruel enemy that is defined and driven by the religious value, and blood curdling zeal, of Jihad. Hamas and all those that support it have absolutely no interest in seeing any type of peace between Israel and the Palestinians; not Palestinians in Gaza, and not Palestinians in the West Bank. And all those marching and chanting “Palestine from the river to the sea,” on college campuses, and in the streets of New York, Boston, London, and Paris, are allies in the effort to destroy Israel and slaughter as many Jews as necessary in the war to replace Israel—yes, destroy and replace Israel—with one country, a Muslim country, “From the river to the sea.” So, the next time you hear someone speak about the possibility of Israel finding a way to co-exist with Hamas, ask them to read the Hamas Charter and get back to you.

Read the full article by opening the PDF below.

Death Squad final 5.3
Download PDF • 332KB

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