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A Few Minutes From HOME: The Phases of Geulah

Rabbi Shimon Apisdorf shares the fifth segment from his new book, The Absolutely Remarkable . . . Story of Exile, Anatomy of Redemption, and Thrilling Challenge of Our Times discussing the phases of Geulah.


Open the file below to read the full segment.

Excerpt #5 39-43
Download PDF • 303KB

Excerpt from the segment:

. . .During this initial phase of return, the infrastructure of the reborn people in its land will take shape. Barren hills will be cleared of stones and boulders, mosquito infested swamps will be drained, citrus groves will be planted, and in a once parched land, Watergen will draw water from the air, Waze will help millions find their way, and wild cherry tomatoes will be transformed into a bumper crop around the world.

“Rabbi Abba said, “There is no clearer indication of the final days than this verse: ‘And you, O’ mountains of Israel, will give forth your produce and yield your fruits to My people, Israel—כי בא מועד—for their return is near.” (Ezekiel, 36:8)

Commenting on that verse, Rashi says: ‘When the Land of Israel gives it’s fruit in abundance, the final redemption is approaching, and there is no clearer indicator of the final days.’”

Throughout this first phase, roads and highways will be paved, and where once there were only sand dunes, cities will be built. A communications and medical system will be established; hydroponics, solar energy, and the technology to reuse 90% of waste water for a flourishing agricultural industry in a largely arid country will be developed alongside hospitals and Start-Up Nation. However, in this phase, the spirit, the soul of the people, will be underdeveloped.

And then comes phase two …

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