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A Few Minutes From HOME: The Nature of Geulah

Rabbi Shimon Apisdorf shares the fourth segment from his new book, The Absolutely Remarkable . . . Story of Exile, Anatomy of Redemption, and Thrilling Challenge of Our Times discussing the nature of Geulah.


Open the file below to read the full segment.

Excerpt #4 33-39 (1)
Download PDF • 347KB

Excerpt from the segment:

According to the prophet Micah, the Jerusalem Talmud, and the Maharal, geula is a gradual, inexorable process. In his commentary on the Jerusalem Talmud, Rabbi Moshe Margoleis, an 18th century scholar and childhood teacher of the Vilna Gaon, wrote that: “When the Talmud quotes Micah, it is telling us that the nature of exile is darkness, and the nature of redemption is light. Just like the morning light appears little by little and slowly gets brighter and brighter, the same is true with the light-like redemption of Israel. As the Talmud goes on to explain, this progressive process is similar to what happened in the days of

Mordecai and Esther.” Pnei Moshe, Jerusalem Talmud, Brachot 1:1

In the days of Mordechai and Esther, the Jews were far from deserving salvation, and the

events of the time unfolded in a natural fashion, without the fanfare of great miracles. In

fact …

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