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Few Minutes From HOME: Galut and Geulah

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Rabbi Shimon Apisdorf shares the second segment from his new book, The Absolutely Remarkable ... Story of Exile, Anatomy of Redemption, and Thrilling Challenge of Our Times. This week's segment focuses on the ever-present theme of galus and geulah (exile and redemption) in Jewish history.


Open the file below to read the full segment.

Excerpt #2 19-27
Download PDF • 325KB

Excerpt from the segment:

Galut, exile.

And geula, redemption.

In Jewish life, it seems like wherever one turns, you can’t help but run into exile and

redemption. When we stop and reflect, it’s self-evident that from the opening moments of

our history, exile and redemption have been the context in which the Jewish story has


In a pithy statement at the end of his essays on the Land of Israel, Rabbi Shlomo

Volbe says that:

“It’s not possible to conclude our discussion without reflecting on the remarkable

phenomenon of our either meriting to possess, or our losing of, the Land of Israel, for this

is the central point around which all of Jewish history revolves.”

R. Shlomo Volbe, Alei Shur, Vol. I, 285

The Land of Israel is the great fulcrum of Jewish history, and exile and redemption have

accompanied the Jewish nation along every step we have taken on the stage of human

history. In fact, the notion of exile and redemption were active forces in Jewish history even

before that history began. Further, exile and redemption even precede the creation of the first human beings.

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