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New Eretz Yisrael Newsletters

It is heartening to see the new generation of Am Yisrael growing up in the land of their forefathers and establishing a deep connection with a land which has become their own. We are sharing with you today initiatives started by young men and women in Eretz Yisrael which demonstrate that those who grow up in this land do not take for granted the gift that Hashem has given us.

  • A few months ago a few yeshiva bachurim came together and started a monthly newsletter called Kedushas HaAretz. The newsletter is full of sources and stories that helps us to appreciate the sanctity of our land. See the newsletter for the month of Adar here (Hebrew), Kedushas HaAretz Vol. 3

  • Around the same time in another part of the land, a few proactive girls came together and asked multiple Rabbanim to contribute articles about Eretz Yisrael. Since Cheshvan they have been publishing a monthly newsletter called Bo'er L'Aretz, full of articles, stories, and interviews inspiring a deeper connection with our homeland. See the Adar newsletter here (Hebrew), Bo'er L'Aretz Vol. 5.

  • Kol M'Heichal, an organization dedicated to teaching the mitzvos relevant to when the Beis HaMikdash will be rebuilt, b'meyrah b'yameinu, put out an entertaining Purim newsletter which includes information about the Moshiach's shiurim schedule, where you can get a kosher sheep or goat for the Korban Pesach, along with other very important information. We especially liked the notice from the Rabbinical Council of Shechem. Click the picture below to see the full newsletter.

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