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HOME Tour: Charish

Among our growing collaboration with several organizations, Operation Home Again is partnering with the organization Avira D’Eretz Yisroel to visit and research communities with high potential for absorbing Torah-observant Olim Chadashim.

In our first joint excursion, we visited the brand new city of Charish, located about halfway between Tel Aviv and Haifa. Fifteen years ago, the land where Charish now stands was an expanse of forest and rock. A plan was created to develop a thriving city on this land-- a plan that has now come to fruition. Over the past few years, apartment buildings have been sprouting like mushrooms from the ground. Today it is home to more than 35,000 residents, with the estimation that it will swell to 100,000 people in the coming years.

Charish is comprised of five neighborhoods, each with a different name and flavor. The communities vary, ranging from a young Ashkenazi-Litvish community to a Baal Teshuva Sephardi community. Charish also hosts Chasidic, Breslov and Chabad communities..

You may have already read some details of our trip, as it was covered last week in HaModia's Israel Roundup section. That article includes photos we took, as well as the information we gathered: HaModia: A Look At The New City of Charish

For the full report and picture gallery, visit here: - Charish

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