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Mrs. Shifra Novograd, Executive Director

Baltimore, MD   USA


"Who doesn't want to come Home?

This is a Land begging her children to come Home.

OHA is here to help us go קוממיות לארצנו, upright to our Land."

      - Mrs. Shifra Novograd

    Shifra's Story

    Bringing more than three decades of executive experience with innovating and

    directing projects for both the corporate and non-profit arenas, Shifra has joined

    Operation Home Again as its Executive Director. While she works closely across the

    whole team, her portfolio is focused on exploring and managing strategic

    relationships, initiatives, and communications to build and grow its infrastructure.

    A graduate of Bais Yaakov of Baltimore and Beth Jacob Teacher’s Seminary in

    Jerusalem (B.J.J.), Shifra’s diverse professional credits include service as the decade-

    long deputy director of The Jewish Learning Exchange of Olney, MD; as a founding

    member and Board member of The Shidduch Center of Baltimore; and as the vice-

    president of Write Now America! LLC, a writing and communications company for

    nearly two decades.

    She holds a Certificate in Executive Leadership from Yale School of Management, as well as

    multiple certifications in Professional Mediation. Her company, When Mediation

    Matters LLC, assists individuals, families and businesses with resolving their conflicts

    in a manner that leaves them richer for the experience.

    If experience has taught her anything about how to best serve others, it’s this: Unity is

    achieved by celebrating one another’s core individuality, not uniformity. With this at

    heart, Shifra is eager to be part of the team that is helping Jews across the spectrum

    plan their way Home. . . TOGETHER.

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