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Mr. Richard Greene, Business Consultant

Jerusalem, Israel


"I invite fellow North American Jews to spend time in Israel as a first step to returning Home. This was the way my wife and I began our journey home and when you are ready to join us ...we will welcome you with open arms."

- Mr. Richard Greene

    Richard's Story

    Having visited family in Israel (Gush Etzion) annually for more than 25 years, Richard and his wife,

    Miriam, finally agreed to also spend some time in Jerusalem. They loved it!

    Five years ago, they decided to move from Bethesda, MD to Center City in Jerusalem. And now, their six Israeli grandchildren frequently stop by, as they are coming to, or passing through, Jerusalem on their way to other cities. They wonder sometimes what took them so long to come Home.


    During those many years of visiting Israel, Richard began developing connections with Israeli companies and nonprofits for whom he continues to provide his business advisory and development services. His mission is to assist them in making their incomes produce more impactful outcomes. In his words, “to do well, while doing good to improve lives.”


    As a distinguished CPA and Business Advisor, Richard was one of the founders of a firm that serviced many clients across a range of industries and served as its Managing Partner as it grew into a force of more than one-hundred employees. Richard brings his extensive corporate experience and network to Operation Home Again, whom he says he is “proud to join and to serve R’ Shimon and his extremely qualified, dedicated team as they assist North American Rabbis and their communities to come Home, like we did.”


    He invites all of his fellow Jews in North America to follow his example to come spend time here as the first step to completely returning Home. 

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