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Rabbi Ephraim Epstein, Director of Rabbinic Leadership Engagement

Cherry Hill, NJ   USA


    "Since R' Chaim of Volozhin proclaimed that America will be the final Galus/Exile from which we will then return Home, I want to do my part in paving the way for North American Jewry to return with strength."

    - R' Ephraim Epstein

    Rabbi Epstein's Story

    Serving Klal Yisroel on multiple fronts is both his full-time pursuit and pastime. After learning under Rav Berel Wein shlit”a in Monsey and Rav Moshe Chait zt”l in Yerushalayim, R’ Ephraim became the architect and driving force behind the startup Center Program at Ohr Somayach International in 1996. From 2001- 2021, he served as Rav of Congregation Sons of Israel. Subsequently, he served as Scholar of Residence of the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey, reaching out to thousands of Jews in the region.

    Today, he serves as the Director of Project M-Ohr, a boutique Bikkur Cholim and Talmud Torah society. Concurrently, he is the Spiritual Director of Recovery at the Crossroads, a rehab facility treating addictions in the Orthodox Jewish Community. Bringing his wide network of organizational connections, R’ Ephraim has joined OHA to recruit and support Rabbanim who aspire to bring their communities HOME .

    Throughout his career, R’ Ephraim successfully introduced and continues to transmit the eternal truths and magnificence of Torah to Jews of all ages and backgrounds. His teachings are available through online classes @ Torahanytime, as well as in-person lectures and workshops in schools, Shuls, college campuses, and board rooms. Of particular note is his recently published (2020) Davening Divine, a companion to Shabbos davening. 


    Bezras Hashem, the Epsteins look forward to making their way Home to Eretz Yisrael soonest, hoping to invite as many Jews as possible to come with them. As a musical Levi who plays the piano and enjoys singing, R’ Ephraim hopes for a good spot in the Bais Hamikdash choir when it resumes its Avodah.

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