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Rabbi Shimon Apisdorf, Founder

Jerusalem, Israel


    "The Kiruv Movement brought Jews back. Now it's time to bring them Home.  OHA is co-writing the last chapter in the Jewish Diaspora: Returning Home ...because the time has come."  

    - R' Shimon Apisdorf

    Reb Shimon's Story

    For an avid hiker across the expanse of Israel, this was his natural next step: to become the visionary and driving force for mapping out Operation Home Again. 


    By the time he made Aliyah from Baltimore with his family in 2012, R’ Shimon, a student of the legendary Rabbi Noach Weinberg, had been a highly regarded figure in outreach for twenty years, and was the award-winning author of 11 books, including the widely acclaimed Rosh Hashanah Yom Kippur Survival Kit. His books have sold more than 250,000 copies worldwide, twice earning the Benjamin Franklin Award.


    Five years after making Aliyah, Shimon began researching and writing his newest manuscript (scheduled for release in 2024), Remarkably Troubling, Remarkable Times: The History of Exile, the Anatomy of Redemption, and the Times in Which We Are Living. Upon its completion, Shimon realized that he could not escape the call to action that this book demanded of him: to create a plan to launch Operation Home Again. A second book, The Story of the Ten Pesukim: The 8 Core Convictions Behind Operation Home Again (also scheduled for release in 2024) presents the vision and plan for Operation Home Again. Visit his blog Writing HOME.


    Together with his dynamic team, R’ Shimon is building the premier organization devoted exclusively to community-based Aliyah from North America. At this historic juncture of unfolding opportunity for the last major Diaspora community to return home, Operation Home Again is poised to catalyze and facilitate the entire process.  


    In the words of R’ Michel Twerksi, “I’ve seen what he did for Kiruv in America. . . Operation Home Again is truly an idea whose time has come. . . In fact, I’d say, ‘R’ Shimon, what took you so long?’ ” 

    On your next trip to Israel, R’ Shimon is ready to host you on his porch in Jerusalem where you can enjoy a cup of coffee, his celebrated baked apples, and a starter conversation about how to bring your community Home. Do be prepared to continue the conversation while hiking along the Shvil Yisrael, the Israel Trail.

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