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    Rabbi Abraham Poznanski, CEO and Lay Leadership Liaison

    Brooklyn, NY USA

    Jerusalem, Israel


    "If we forget, it will happen again."

       - My father Arie  Poznanski who survived the Holocaust and fought in the Israeli army in 1948

      Rabbi Abraham's Story

      Although he immigrated to the USA five years after he was born in Yafo, Israel, Abraham has enjoyed an intimate and enduring bond with the Land of Israel. Between him and his wife, they lost eight grandparents in the Holocaust. His father survived after six years in a Nazi slave labor camp and joined the Israeli military in 1948 to fight in Israel’s War of Independence.

      Coming from these roots, Abraham had one thing clear: Israel is our real Home. It is this unshakable conviction that has called him into service as the CEO of Operation Home Again.

      With his extensive experience from a highly distinguished career as CEO, COO, and CFO of multiple companies across the global technology and real estate sectors, Abraham Poznanski is a most natural choice to assume the position as CEO of OHA.


      Along with leveraging his mastery as a fractional C-Suite executive, Abraham brings considerable know- how from his service in the non-profit sector. A sampling of past positions includes past president of South Peninsula Hebrew Day School in Sunnyvale, California, co-chairman and a founder of Yeshivas Tiferes Academy in Brooklyn, Board member of Partners In Torah at its founding, and adviser of Ohr Meir and Bracha Terror Victim Organization in Israel.


      With dual citizenship, Abraham and his wife raised their children in the U.S. while cultivating a steady, committed presence in Israel by frequenting their second home in Jerusalem. Their children have imbibed this message about their true Home and heritage, as most have studied in Israel, with one son having served as a lone soldier in the IDF. At present, three of his children and their families live in Israel, while another three are planning their return in the next few years.


      And now, Abraham has made it his mission to help his extended family, the Jewish People, come back Home, too.

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